Creating and localizing Whiteboards

Whiteboards and similar animations done professionally, on time and on a budget. From simple graphics to elaborated pictures and characters. Our graphic team can extract pictures frame by frame in order to generate new images and produce an adapted animation in as many languages as you require to reach your global audience.

Localizing motion graphics, like whiteboards, is a craft we master by combining expertise in both audio and video production and editing.

Video Recreation

We can replace labels and texts on the whiteboard presentation by burning in the translations and remaking the hand movements while writing the new texts naturally. We guarantee that the viewer will not notice the language and picture edition / replacement.

We can process any language or alphabet (right-to-left or left-to-right) from any codified language in the world. Latin-based, Cyrillic languages, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew and even pictograms.