Translation Services

Professional translations: high quality, on-time, within budget

Through our network of 1,500 professional translators, we are able to guarantee responsiveness and quality translations in a number of different fields, from business and legal to scientific, medical and technical documents.

We apply a very thorough quality process:

  • We receive
  • We analyse it
  • We provide
  • We assign
  • Proofreading
  • Final delivery


Converting the source text into the target language.


Reformulating words and expressions to make the text truly native.


A second person will review, improve and correct grammar or spelling errors.

Any format and support

Our editors can work with most software applications for text processing and DTP.

We can also process up to 58 different file formats:


doc ppt
dot potx
docx ppsx
dotx pptm
docm pptx
dotm odp
pdf txt
xls csv
xlt xml
xlsx rtf

Desktop Publishing



properties     sgml
rcAndroid xml


htm            xhtml

Interchange Formats

xliff ttx
sdlxliff itd
tmx xlf

Key Services


We are specialists in adapting and rephrasing texts for more impact on the local audience and market.

Multimedia Localization

We translate any video, animation, graphic or slide presentation into most languages. Thanks to special in-house tools we provide the most suitable translation for your target audience, respecting pace and context of any production.

Website Localization

We master all stages: from concept to design and rich content. Our unique expertise involves the knowledge of multiple architectures and languages and full compliance of ever-changing SEO rules.

E-learning Translation

Translating and adapting all modules and files from an e-learning course into the target audience’s native language is the most effective way to get the message across.


We have a team of proofreaders in most languages to review your texts, correct any spelling or grammar mistake and make sure the content is accurate and adapted to the codes and vocabulary of the target audience.


We have an experienced team of transcribers in most languages, ensuring that any audio or video gets properly written even with poor audio, accented speech, multiple speakers, etc.

We always review and test our edits before final delivery

We follow careful Quality Assurance (QA) steps to ensure not just a flawless and seamless playout of the pictures, but also the expected look and feel.