Multimedia DTP

Multilingual and staying on-brand

Desktop Publishing for audio, video, animations and graphics is a tailor-made, delicate and a highly technical craft we master after more than 20 years in the business.

We have successfully engineered and localised all kinds of rich content for major world companies, always staying on-brand and providing timely delivery.

Unique & Customized Tools

Creative Graphic Designers

Turnkey Multimedia & Multilingual

DTP Software

Our teams follow the latest innovations from the digital revolution, constantly updating knowledge and software, while offering avant-garde and innovative designs.

We don’t get lost in translation thanks to a unique in-house method which prevents errors and typos. We can process up to 80 languages and dialects as well as most alphabets including Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi, etc. Always matching typography, graphics and formats from the source language. 

Key Services

E-learning Authoring

We can adapt, transform and localize to most languages any element and module: from dynamic graphics and animations to audio, video and assessment elements.

The output can comply any specifications (resolution or aspect ratio, etc) and be used on any screen and device for a true globally adapted e-learning.

Subtitling and Captioning

We can process any language or alphabet (right-to-left or left-to-right). Latin-based, Cyrillic languages, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew and even pictograms.

We can provide universal subtitling with standard or customised typography and layout. We are also specialists in open and closed captioning.

Graphics Localization and OSTs

Our team has the expertise and tools to localise any graphic work both with multiple layers or flat and self-contained. We apply best practices and testing to provide flawless localized graphics.

We can convert 2 kinds of onscreen graphics:

Screenshots or screen captures

Captions and text callouts within pictures


We can localize your animation into any language. Besides converting the embedded texts into foreign languages, we can recreate, adapt, optimise or extend the components of an animation.
Our graphic team can extract pictures frame by frame in order to generate new images and produce an adapted animation in as many languages as you require to reach your global audience.