Multimedia Localization

Thanks to special in-house tools we provide the most suitable translation for your target audience, respecting both the pace and the context (look and feel) of any production: from corporate presentations to e-learning, video games, audio-tours, tutorials and all kinds of advertisements.

Audiovisual content converted into other languages


We localize any video either using subtitles or dubbing. Just send the video and we will do all the steps: transcribing with time stamps to record voice-over, or SRT encoding to add subtitles. And all into any language.


As it happens with video translations, localized text should match the length of specific segments onscreen. However in case more text is required, our video editors can expand the video animations by adding frames or recreating pictures, titles and graphics. The viewer will not notice the animation expansion.


Any graphic or image can be translated keeping the same format, colour, look and feel. If you have access to the video or graphic layers of your project, we can replace the existing graphic with the new recreated one in the target language. If that’s not the case, we can also fix it, remaking a new pictures and paste it seamless and flawless on top of the old one.