General Sales Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Sales have been established exclusively by PrimeGroupUSA LLC located at 80 SW, 8TH Street, Ste 3303, Miami, Florida 33130, United States. For the purposes of this document, PrimeGroupUSA LLC will be referred to as “PrimeGroupUSA LLC” and all other persons or companies wishing to make an order via the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website or through e-mail or telephone will be referred to as the “Buyer.”


Terms and Conditions of Sales define the relationship between PrimeGroupUSA LLC and the Buyer with regards to all products and services offered on the PRIME GROUP website.

The acquisition of an Audiovisual service or consulting service through the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website implies that the Terms and Conditions of Sales are pre-approved and agreed to by the Buyer.

These Terms and Conditions of Sales supersede all other terms and conditions, or any other agreements made by PrimeGroupUSA LLC.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC has the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Sales at its discretion without notice. Should this occur, the conditions that were in place at the time and date of the order will apply.

Description of services

The audio and video recording services, post-productions, Multimedia DTP and consulting services are described in full at the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website.

Services are available during US office hours 09H00 to 12H00 and 13H00 to 18H00, excluding holidays.

The voice samples from voice actors contained in the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website are genuine but do not ensure a perfect reproduction of real voices or the artistic possibilities of the actors.

The audio samples and the videos of the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website do not represent the audio, or the video quality provided by PrimeGroupUSA LLC.


The rates contained in the quotes are net prices in USD. American companies should supply a Tax ID and EU companies should supply a VAT number to avoid paying the VAT tax. PrimeGroupUSA LLC will include that VAT number on the invoice to the EU customer.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC has the right to modify prices at its discretion without notice.

The listed prices do not include any additional costs for handling, technical costs, transportation, and delivery of the orders.  The Buyer should expect to see them added to the invoice.


The prices given by PrimeGroupUSA LLC are based on the information provided by the Buyer related to the Audiovisual and Multimedia projects when the quote request is done by telephone or by e-mail.

To establish a quote for an audio recording service, the Buyer must communicate directly with PrimeGroupUSA LLC and provide the following:

  • The duration of reading time in minutes
  • The word count of the script
  • The number and names of the actors
  • The languages, format and specifications of the audio or video files
  • The media used for broadcasting (TV and radio station, website, etc)
  • The script, including any brands mentioned
  • The author’s copyrights and buyout release license are due if the recording will be broadcast or used commercially on a public network such as Internet or TV

To establish a quote for any Multimedia DTP service, the Buyer must communicate directly with PrimeGroupUSA LLC and provide the following:

  • All relevant files that need to be localized
  • The name and version of the software used
  • Access to the client platform to be able to localize or test the functionality of the files
  • PrimeGroupUSA LLC is entitled to ask the Buyer any missing or required files even after the project has started, as on quoting stage either the client didn’t send the relevant files or it was not possible for PrimeGroupUSA LLC to know their nature and quantity



PrimeGroupUSA LLC audiovisual and multimedia dtp services can be ordered via our website and are therefore accessible to Buyers all around the world.


The Buyer who wishes to order an Audiovisual / Multimedia DTP service or requires consulting services from PrimeGroupUSA LLC should:

  • Provide all requested information and a client number if there is one
  • Provide a Tax ID or VAT number
  • Send a Purchase Order, a document or an e-mail specifying details of the service that is requested to PrimeGroupUSA LLC
  • Send the script, audio, or video to be recorded
  • For multimedia check the files that are the object of the localization, verifying its integrity, arrangement, and consistency, including videos, texts, graphic files, animations etc
  • Provide precise instructions concerning the audio and video format as well as other relevant technical specifications
  • For Multimedia, provide precise instructions on the required font, color patterns, desired look and feel of animations, output format, support etc
  • For Multimedia, provide clear instructions and access to the localization platform
  • Provide a pronunciation guideline, specifically a list containing the phonetics showing how to pronounce brands or terminologies contained in the script
  • Provide clear artistic instructions as to the tone and style to be adopted by the actor during the recording and provide audio and video references if needed
  • Designate a person from the company who can provide pronunciation guidelines and other assistance on request for controversial words or names
  • Confirm the order by e-mail after having it verified
  • Accept PrimeGroupUSA LLC payment terms as described below

Confirmation of the order means an acceptance of PrimeGroupUSA LLC’s Terms and Conditions of Sales.

The written confirmation by e-mail constitutes proof of the transaction and acceptance of the negotiated services. The Buyer’s confirmation email must include the name and signature of the company’s representative as well as the date signed.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC will also confirm the order by e-mail.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC has the right to refuse any orders proposed by the Buyer which could be considered inappropriate, embarrassing, unethical or which do not meet our quality criteria.


Our After-sales policy is a key part of our business strategy as it intends the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty to our services. We offer specific after-sales coverage on both Audio and Multimedia-DTP.


PrimeGroupUSA LLC will fix free of charge any incorrect pronunciation of words and brand names by the voice actor ONLY in cases where the Buyer had provided clear instructions beforehand. Retakes for missing words or expressions will not be charged if instructions were given in the script sent by the Buyer.

Errors in recording and post-production or missing audio will be corrected or recorded by PrimeGroupUSA LLC without any charge, provided that the Buyer informs us about the issues within ten (10) business days after delivery day.

If the voice actor’s errors are spotted after ten (10) business days, the issue will be considered as author changes, add-ons, additional lines, or modifications made by the author. In these cases, all related costs, including the cost of the studio, taxes and the actor’s fee will be charged.

In cases of script modification or a change in technical specifications PRIOR to the recording, PrimeGroupUSA LLC will not charge a retake fee.

Audios or videos damaged or corrupted during the recording or post-production phases will be repaired free of charge.


With the purchase of any Multimedia or DTP service, PrimeGroupUSA LLC offers customers one single round of amendments and updates after the initial delivery. This round is free of charge, regardless of where the order comes from (Buyer or end customer).

This first and free round of changes includes either author changes (translation replacement, new or updated words) on the texts or errors that have been inadvertently made by PrimeGroupUSA LLC (misunderstanding of the instructions, for example).

If all the errors are caused by PrimeGroupUSA LLC, the free first round of corrections is not counted.

For requested rounds of updates and corrections we follow this workflow:

     0 – Initial delivery after our QA/LSO: clients are entitled to one round of changes or updates. This is free of charge but valid for up to 3 months after this delivery.

     1 – Final delivery: any change or update from this round will be quoted.

     2 – Changes and updates at this round and next rounds will be charged to the client.

In case there are no comments from the Buyer or end client and agency within two weeks of final delivery, PrimeGroupUSA LLC will close the project. After two weeks of final delivery, any update or amendment will be considered a new project.

Requests after one year are not guaranteed because the material will no longer be online, the cost of recovering the files will be charged to the Buyer.

Retention policy

We guarantee our clients one year of retention in our servers of all the audio and multimedia DTP files processed by our staff in a particular project (this applies to all files from Round 0, as set above). Storage in our vault of files and related elements beyond 1 year after delivery, will be charged to the customer. (Exceptions may apply).


PrimeGroupUSA LLC will engage in a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Buyer if required. If no NDA is signed, PrimeGroupUSA LLC will strictly ensure full confidentiality during and after the execution of audiovisual performances, as well as while providing information, documents, data, and numbers related to the products or services contained in the recordings.

Payment Terms

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice by the Buyer.

For the orders of amounts less than 1,000 USD, the payment should be made in advance using exclusively VISA or MasterCard cards.

The debit or credit card used by the Buyer will be charged only after the completion of the audiovisual services—that is, when the client has downloaded the files.

The data related to the debit or credit card of the Buyer are securely protected when making the order.  No third party will have access to the information. PrimeGroupUSA LLC does not keep customers’ credit card records.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC may accept other ways of payment, such as a bank wire transfer, check or Paypal.

In the case of a wire transfer or check, the Buyer must pay the full amount for orders less than 1,000 USD.  Funds must be credited to PrimeGroupUSA LLC’s account before the scheduled recording session can begin.

The bank costs of wire transfers are payable in full by the Buyer. All checks must be written in US Dollars and made out to PrimeGroupUSA LLC.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC has the right to require an additional 4% commission fee if the payment is made through PayPal.

Orders equal to or more than 1,000 USD require a down payment of 30% by new Buyers before the project can begin.

The Buyer must pay the balance of 70% once the audiovisual service is delivered unless a different prior arrangement was made.

Regular Buyers in good financial standing may be permitted to defer their payment to PrimeGroupUSA LLC for a period not exceeding 30 days after the completion and delivery of audio or video files.

After supplying audiovisual or consulting services, PrimeGroupUSA LLC will send a soft copy of the bill to the Buyer by e-mail.

At the Buyer’s request, a paper bill can be sent by regular mail.

The payment terms can be modified without notice.

Delayed payment

In the case of unpaid orders of less than 1,000 USD, PrimeGroupUSA LLC will suspend distribution of the audiovisual services requested by the Buyer until the day the payment is received.

The order will be cancelled when the Buyer continues to delay or refuse payment to PrimeGroupUSA LLC, or if the Buyer does not pay the 30% of the amount for jobs of over 1000 USD.

It will also be considered an unsettled payment to PrimeGroupUSA LLC if the remaining 70% of the price isn’t paid within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the delivery of audiovisual services.

In the situation of late, the Buyer must pay to PrimeGroupUSA LLC a penalty of 40 USD for interest and recovery costs.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC may require additional reimbursement if the recovery costs exceed 40 USD (for example, the involvement of a debt-collection company to recover any debts).

In the case of a late payment, rate penalties equal to three times the rate of the legal interest will be applied. 

Where no rate is estimated, the interest rate will be equal to that currently used by the Federal Reserve increased by 10 basic points.

Any audiovisual production including the voice actors’ rights remain the integral property of PrimeGroupUSA LLC until all due amounts are paid.


The delivery of files will be made through FTP to the Buyer’s email or, in the case of a DVD or hard disc, to the physical address indicated in the order.

In case of damage during the transport of the DVD or hard disc, complaints must be made within three (3) days of the day of delivery.

Expected delivery times are indicated on the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website; however, if delivery has not been made after thirty days, the contract can be cancelled, and the Buyer will be reimbursed in full.


PrimeGroupUSA LLC is not obligated or responsible for any damage to the Buyer’s property resulting from the use of the Internet, such as loss of data, viruses, intrusions, failed service, or other problems that could occur during the online sales process, which includes all activity from the initial contact, the exchange of materials, and final delivery of products.

Intellectual property

All the elements of the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website remain exclusively the intellectual property of PrimeGroupUSA LLC.

No one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or to use in any capacity whatsoever, not even partially, the elements contained in the PrimeGroupUSA LLC website. The reproduction of audio, video, pictures, design, or any text contained in PrimeGroupUSA LLC website is forbidden.

Permission to use links pointing to the PrimeGroupUSA LLC site should be formally requested prior to use.

Use of personal, company data

The personal and company information related to the Buyer will not be communicated or sold to third parties.

PrimeGroupUSA LLC has the right to collect information from the Buyer including through the use of cookies.

Buyers have the right to access and correct any of their data as processed by PrimeGroupUSA LLC.

Proof archiving

PrimeGroupUSA LLC will archive the orders and invoices on a reliable and durable support.

The records related to the transaction will be considered proof of the communications.

Settlement of disputes

The law of the State of Wyoming, USA supersedes the conditions of online sales.

In case of disputes, liability will be determined by the courts of the jurisdiction of the State of Wyoming, USA.