Graphic Localization and OSTs
(On-Screen Texts)

We extract the text on screen by transcribing it or capturing it from the layer where it’s hidden. The result is a text ready for translation. Once we have the target language ready, we apply a careful process to replace the source text, reconstructing the same graphics and animations.

At Prime we localize the graphics using your translations and embedding them into either static or animated presentations.

Our Teams

Our team has the expertise and tools to localize any graphic work both with multiple layers or flat and self-contained. It sometimes happens that the audiovisual company or editor who produced the video are reluctant or not authorized to provide the full project of a video, so the client is unable to provide all the relevant files to recreate the video. At Prime we can fix that.

Our Graphic Lab

Our graphic lab can reconstruct any animation or video presentation with or without the original graphic layers. So, whenever our clients don’t have the editable graphic files from the layers contained on a video or animation (usually old productions) we can make customized graphics maintaining the shape, look and feel of the picture or animation.

On-screen texts (OST) localization includes these main areas:

Original video
with all the files

Using the original video with all the files and layers: we easily replace the original texts with your translations. Quick and cost-effective.

Video without
any text or graphic

Using an exported video without any text or graphic files and layers. We recreate the text font, size and style and embed them on the video or animation.

Video with embedded
text or graphics

Using an exported video with embedded texts or graphics that can’t be removed. We cover and patch the original text and graphics, replacing them with your translations. 

At Prime we can also localize websites, software, user interfaces, screen captures or screenshots as well as text callouts and captions on any picture that needs to be localized into different languages.