What are the disadvantages of TTS?

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Text-to-speech (TTS) has some potential disadvantages, including:

Quality: Synthesized speech can vary depending on the language, the specific voice used, and the text being read. TTS systems may also need help pronouncing uncommon or technical words, resulting in incorrect or confusing speech.

Emotion and nuance: TTS systems may struggle to convey emotional nuance in speech, such as sarcasm or irony, which can affect the perception and understanding of the message.

Monotony: Listening to synthesized speech for long periods of time can become monotonous, leading to reduced attention and engagement. This can be particularly challenging for applications such as audiobooks or e-learning.

Limited customization: While some TTS systems allow for voice or speech parameters, the level of customization may be limited compared to using a human voice actor. This can make achieving a specific tone or style of speech challenging.

Ethical concerns: As TTS technology improves, there may be ethical concerns around using synthetic speech for impersonation or deception, such as in deep fake videos or phone scams.

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