TTS audio: When to use it

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TTS (Text-to-Speech) audio can be helpful in various situations, depending on the user’s context and needs. Here are some examples:

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TTS can make content accessible to individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties. By providing an audio version of the text, people with difficulty at reading can still access the content.

Language learning

TTS can help people learn a new language by providing a way to hear and practice pronunciation.

Automated voice prompts

TTS can be used in automated voice systems to provide voice prompts for phone systems, virtual assistants, and other applications where an automated voice is needed.

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Audiobooks and podcasts

TTS can be used to create audiobooks and podcasts, making it possible to convert text-based content into an audio format.

Personalized messages

TTS can create personalized messages, such as for a birthday or holiday greetings, where a computer-generated voice can speak the message with the desired intonation and pace.

Gaming and virtual environments

TTS can be used in gaming and virtual environments to provide voice feedback and instructions to players.

In sum, TTS can be helpful whenever there is a need to convert text into speech, particularly when the text needs to be delivered audibly.

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