The 5 Ts of Centralized Translation: How to save time and money, without lacking quality

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1 Tools

It may seem obvious, but when everyone in the chain is working in the same platform with the same tools, it makes for a much more efficient translation process.

2 Translation Memory (TM)

Maintained translation memory means the more content you get translated, the more you can reuse past translations to speed up future productivity and reduce translation costs.

3 Transparency

A fully centralized translation management program from a single vendor lets you see what’s included in the service offering right from the get-go with no hidden costs.

4 Trust

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Using one vendor you can really trust to centralize all your translation processes will ensure a more tightly run operation that provides long-term savings, improved turnaround times, and consistent high quality.

5 Terminology management

With a glossary of terms, you can ensure all linguists are on the same page and everyone translates key terms in exactly the same way.

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