Machine subtitling or human subtitling?

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Both machine and human subtitling have advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on several factors, such as the budget, the level of accuracy required, and the nature of the content.

Machine subtitling uses automated software to generate subtitles based on speech recognition technology. It can be less expensive and faster than human subtitling and is suitable for videos with clear audio, simple language, and straightforward content.

However, machine subtitling can be less accurate and require significant editing to correct errors. This need of human intervention to improve subtitling might result in higher costs. It may also struggle with accents, background noise, and complex language. On the other hand, this technology works mainly in English and presents many areas for improvement in other languages.

So if you want to subtitle a video in French, Chinese, or Spanish, at Prime Group, we recommend outsourcing both the transcription and the subtitling to human native editors.

Human subtitling involves a skilled subtitler manually transcribing and timing the audio to create accurate and high-quality subtitles. Human subtitling can be more expensive and time-consuming than machine subtitling, but it can provide a more nuanced and accurate interpretation of the content. It is essential for videos in foreign languages, complex jargon, sensitive subject matter, or a specific target audience.

At Prime Group, we offer a turnkey service of subtitling where native and professional editors are involved in all steps: from checking the machine transcription to correcting and applying the final subtitles onscreen, respecting the pace of the pictures, and ensuring an easy reading.  We recommend human transcription and subtitling as a better option for high-quality, professional results. 

Contact Prime Group today for a quote and learn how our team of native and professional editors can provide accurate and high-quality subtitles for your videos.

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