Is TTS audio suitable for a voice-over?

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The suitability of text-to-speech (TTS) audio for a voice-over depends on the context and purpose of the voice-over. In general, some synthesized voices sound natural and expressive. However, there are still limitations to TTS audio’s quality and emotional nuance.

Suppose the voice-over is for a casual or non-critical context, such as a video game or an internal training video. In that case, TTS audio may be a suitable and cost-effective option. Similarly, if the voice-over needs to be produced quickly and with a tight budget, TTS audio may be a viable alternative to using a human voice actor.

However, using a human voice actor may be more appropriate for formal or essential contexts, such as a corporate video or a product advertisement.

A professional voice actor can provide a more natural and expressive voice, convey emotional nuance, and customize the voice to suit the specific context and audience. Additionally, a human voice actor can collaborate with the producer to ensure effective and impactful voice-over.

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