Written documents into other languages

Translations of texts, audio and video

Professional translations: high quality,
on time, within budget

Through our network of 1,500 professional translators, we are able to guarantee responsiveness and quality translations in a number of different fields, from business and legal to scientific, medical and technical documents.

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We apply a very thorough
quality process:

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  • We assign a dedicated project manager to your project
  • We receive your documents and requirements: languages, format, etc
  • We analyse your document using translation memory (™) to calculate word count and provide a glossary
  • We provide a cost estimate and turnaround time
  • We assign your translation to linguists knowledgeable in your document’s subject matter
  • We keep you updated on the translation process
  • We have the document proofread before delivery
  • We deliver the final copy of your document and update your dedicated translation memory and glossary
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The 3 Steps for a Quality Translation

Due diligence in localization means following three steps:

Translation: Converting the source text into the target language.

Editing: Reformulating words and expressions to make the text truly native.

Proofreading: A second person will review, improve and correct grammar or spelling errors

If one step of this sequence is missing then the quality is compromised. We always make sure our teams follow this workflow to guarantee a flawless translation

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Any format and support

Our editors can work with most software applications for text processing and DTP.
We can also process up to 58 different file formats:

Supported file formats


  • doc
  • dot
  • docx
  • dotx
  • docm
  • dotm
  • pdf
  • xls
  • xlt
  • xlsm
  • xlsx
  • xltx
  • pot
  • pps
  • ppt
  • potm
  • potx
  • ppsm
  • ppsx
  • pptm
  • pptx
  • odp
  • ods
  • odt
  • sxw
  • sxc
  • sxi
  • txt
  • csv
  • xml
  • rtf


  • htm
  • html
  • xhtml
  • xml

Interchange Formats

  • xliff
  • sdlxliff
  • tmx
  • ttx
  • itd
  • xlf

Desktop Publishing

  • mif
  • inx
  • idml
  • icml
  • xtg
  • tag
  • xml
  • dita


  • properties
  • rc
  • resx
  • xml
  • dita
  • sgml
  • Android xml
  • strings
  • sgm
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Key Services


Transcreation, adapting and rephrasing texts for more impact
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Multimedia Localization

With multimedia localization we convert any audio, video, animation or graphic into most languages
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Website Localization

Website localization consist of adapting a site into multiple languages to reach a wider audience
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E-learning Translation

e-learning translation using tools such as Camtasia or Articulate
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Proofreading to detect and correct errors in order to get a flawless text
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Transcription: what you hear is what we write
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LSP tools to streamline any audio or video for the benefit of our localizing partners
AV translation tool to allow linguists to translate a script according to the rhythm and context of the pictures

Discover AVM: Our Online AV Translation plataform

We have developed a special software that allows linguists to translate according to the rhythm and context of the pictures. AVM allows continuous quality control from script translation to QA, reducing costs and turnaround time by minimizing retakes.

Discover the innovative features of AVM