Introducing AVM - Audio Video Manager

Online AV Translation Platform

Our Online AV Translation Platform

We have developed a special software that allows linguists to translate according to the rhythm and context of the pictures. AVM allows continuous quality control from script translation to QA, reducing costs and turnaround time by minimizing retakes.

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Cost-effective, quick and easy voice-overs and subtitles in any language

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A virtuous cycle from translation to localized script

Translating for a voice-over is a complex process. With the AVM we have integrated all necessary steps, capturing the Machine Translation (MT) and turning the localized text into a revised and timed script that allows a studio to record in a record time while reducing pickups. An added advantage is a speedy subtitling. Final translation can be then fed back into Translation Memory (TM)

Why did we develop AVM?

We had to face a necessity and overcome a frustration. Our studios felt the necessity to speed up and improve voice-over and subtitling in different languages. We wanted to get rid of frustration from voice talents uneasy when recording long texts that more often than not ignored the pictures of the video. We also wanted to involve translators and native reviewers to provide us with a flawless script.

How does AVM work?

The Audio Video Manager is a cloud-based platform where translators, reviewers, studios, voice talents and project managers meet online to facilitate and improve the localization of videos into most languages. Translation can be adjusted to follow the pictures thanks to a color code which signals the optimum length for sentences. A voice talent will then concentrate on giving passion and credibility to the lines, which will follow the pictures. Any update can be written on an Edit window. A special feature also allows quick and effective subtitling.